Maaika Tredrea, President
Hi guys! I'm Maaika and I'm the current president of the Augureys. I have been playing team sports since primary school - mainly netball , cricket and some rugby. I've also coached girls netball and been captain in my high school team. I've been involved with the Augureys since September and quidditch has been my main focus ever since. It's fun and exciting with loads of exercise. When I'm not out on the field I'm playing video games or looking a new cosplay ideas!
Cindy Callens, Coach
Hi, my name is Cindy, I'm Belgian and currently doing a PhD in the UK and Australia. I started playing quidditch in Ghent, Belgium about 3 years ago. For the next 2 years I'll be living in Adelaide, so I was extremely happy to find my next quidditch family in the Adelaide Augureys. I'm extremely proud to be their coach this year and I can't wait to show the world how amazing this team is, off and on the pitch!
Alexandra Vaissiere, Treasurer
Bonjour! My name is Alexandra, I'm French and I joined the Adelaide Augureys in Febuary 2016.
I am the current Treasurer, which means I manage all accounting things. 
Always ready for new challenges, I love Quidditch for the mix of competition with a touch of fun. 
During my free time, I love music, dancing and partying.
Jason Bilyk, Secretary
Hi! I'm Jason. I've been with the Adelaide Augureys since September 2015. I'm the club secretary, so I keep everything together behind the scenes. The thing I like most about Quidditch is thats its a challenging sport and really, it's just something different. Outside of sports I enjoy gaming and watching movies. 

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